Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today was a magnificent day! Well, most of it. My music teacher gave me a 90 in class participation (we got progress reports today). I sing her songs. I do her silly little worksheets. I offer my opinion when asked for it. What else does she want me to do?? She's driving me insane!! I want to rip her head of like Alice did to James. (woah there, calm down Sarah). Anyway, I have an A in Algebra right now! How wickedly insane!! I'm almost done with this book I'm reading right now, Criss Cross. I have stopped the reading of Breaking Dawn (gasp) to read some other books. Don't worry, though, I have not strayed, I will return reading it later! Enough for today!
Bunches of love,
P.S. PPPPoker face PPPoker face

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