Tuesday, April 7, 2009

(Pictures from Granny's b-day party!)
Volley ball wasn't to bad today. I didn't even get hit in the head once! I did get hit in the butt once by some of my friend that were on the second level in the gym. We won 1/2 games, which isn't bad. We are reading the sequel to Hatchet in reading class. It's a delightful book, so far. I like reading new books because it helps me grow in my writing, which by the way, is going great. My chapters for my fanfic are getting longer and more detailed. I really need to be typing up what I wrote today at school. That's all for today. Have a wicked afternoon/ night. Be sure to watch Idol guys!!
Bunches of love,

P.S. I just imagine Kelly saying, "Woah, how crazy are these forks in negative?" in the picture! FUNNY STUFF, FRIENDS.