Sunday, April 5, 2009

( Just some JB photos. Love them!)
Today was soul winning Sunday! Our goal was to have 800 people attend the service. There we 730 there. Bummer!! We did have a good time, though. The preacher did a fabulous job and the meal was divine! (haha, funny vocabulary) It was all sunny and delightful. After I ate the meal, I went outside on the playground and swung. It was really windy. During the last song of the first service our song leader goes, "We will be singing Solders of Christ Arise, so lets arise." Well, ya know I stood up once he said that and turned around. NO ONE ELSE WAS STANDING UP!!! So her I am, standing up, by myself, in front of 729 other people. I sat down just as everyone else decided they would stand up. It was embarrassing, but pretty funny! It was a rad day!
Bunches of love,


  1. I'm glad you're so eager to stand for Christ! :-)

  2. Ha ha! You stood up! I remember back when Glen was preaching... in the middle of one of his sermons, he asked that we sing a song, well this really old lady who sits upfront thought it was the invitation song so she stood up. As she was sitting after the song ended, she realized she had been the only one standing. I could tell she was embarrased. I don't know how to spell that. Anyhoo, pay attention next time!!! Tee hee!!!