Saturday, April 4, 2009

(pictures I took around my room)

It is a bright, sunny Saturday, and here I am sitting on the computer typing this up. I'll probably get out here in a minute or two. Right now, I'm listening to Beatles music and working on some polyvore sets. Well, that all I have to say. I just needed these pictures for polyvore. Obsessed much?!?
Bunches of love,


  1. Since when do you play the geetar!?!? Tee hee! Go outside!

  2. Are those Nancy Drew books in that pic? Love Nancy. Hey, that bookmark looks familiar.....

  3. I don't play the guitar, but I own one. Tried to teach myself. I think it's impossible for me. Kevin Jonas taught himself. Maybe he'll teach me!! Those are indeed Nancy Drew books!!