Thursday, April 2, 2009

( these are sets I've made on polyvore. )
I have a good amount to say today, guys because I wasn't on yesterday and EVERYTHING happened Wednesday. I really wish I wouldn't have gotten on yesterday day. I would have been all "Sorry guys, I'm not going to do any more blogs" and you guys would have been, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ARE YOU FOR REAL?!?!!??". Ha ha. Anyway, so on to a more 'serious' matter. As an April Fool's joke Mr. Summers 2nd period math class (i'm in third) had someone from the office call him down, and while he was there the class snuck out. He came back to a class of three kids. Instead of going to find his class, he just started teaching. He took notes and gave a notes quiz, and when the students tried to come back in, he just yelled at them, sent them into the hallway, and locked the door. Think that's funny? Wait 'till you hear this! He had originally planned on giving that class cupcakes, but instead he gave their cupcakes to my class. HILARIOUS RIGHT?! So my class got two cupcakes and two drinks. There was more stuff that went on, but I forgot it. I'm sure, though, if I did remember it, you would be cracking up (does that even make sense? hmmm...).
Now for today. In chorus we are singing Disney songs for our Spring Concert, and we were looking at a couple songs today. We sang through part of the song "Colors of the Wind" I think is the name. That song is amazing!!!! We got our spring pictures back today. Whoever took them did an awful job because everyones looked bad, but mine looked especially bad. My eyes were closed. My doesn't think it is funny. Personally, though, it is a really funny sight! My friend Jordan and I were laughing about it in library this afternoon. She sat there and stared at it the whole time. The librarian kept giving us glares, but I think she would have understood if she knew the circumstances!
So, were are doing volleyball in gym class. We were bumping it around in our groups, and all of a sudden it came towards me. Being the 'Bella' I am, I go after the ball. I bumped it up in my face, wacking myself in the eye. It hurt really bad, and my eyes started watering really bad. It looked like I was crying, and it was an embarrassing situation. Next time, guys, just let it go by!
Soul Winning Sunday is coming up!! WHOOO I'm so excited. SHARE JESUS WITH PEOPLE!! I *HEART* GOD!!!!
Well, I think this is enough for right now, so....
Bunches of love,
P.S. Goggles should be a P.E uniform requirement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Funny stuff! Especially the cupcake story :-)

  2. You're ? doesn't like it... you left out a word! I am so sorry your Spring picture is of you closing your eyes. Now I won't have an 8X10 photo of you in 8th grade! Should've gotten the Fall pic! Oh well!

  3. You should demand a retake on that pic.

  4. Hey, I'll take an "8th Grade" "professional" photo of you! You can wear whatever you want (except a Jonas T) and we'll do a photo shoot! I've been wanting to do that anyway. I love the story about your teacher and the cupcakes! That guy has ZERO sense of humor! WOW!

  5. No, he does have a sense of humor! He was playing his April's Fools Day Joke back on them. Why can't I wear my Jonas Brothers tee? JK. Sounds fun!

  6. Oooh, Ooooh!! I have an idea!!! You can take my eighth grade picture in negative!! ha ha