Friday, April 3, 2009

(these are polyvore sets I've made. Ann quote above!! Funny stuff!!)

Today... hmm... not that exciting. I'm SO glad it's Friday. This has probably been the longest week ever! Right now, I'm working on chapter 28 for my fanfic. It's been cloudy for the past couple of days, but the sun seems to be coming out. I need to catch up on American Idol; I didn't get to watch much this week. I did watch the end Wed., though. I'm glad Meagan went home. She's had two bad weeks in a row, and she didn't seem to care. That is frustrating. People work hard to be on that show, and she wasn't taking it very seriously. What's on your agenda this weekend? I don't think I'm doing much. Just Soul Winning Sunday!!!!!!!! Yes!! Check out my profile on polyvore:
Oddly enough, I have nothing else to say.
Bunches of love,


  1. There is no link! Ahhh!! Here it is:

  2. I like the stuff you posted today! I'm elated that it's Friday, too. I agree that this has been the LONGEST week ever. I'll be seeing you!

  3. I'm really feeling that Twilight pic :-) Love your blog. See you Sunday~