Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm leavin' for Indiana tomorrow. Just got back from camp and now I'm off again. Huffff.... I'm gonna miss my mommy :(.
Lalalalalala my b-day is July 13. That is around 14 days from now! Yea, feel free to get excited. Hula was baptized Sun. night. It was happy happy day.
Doooo daaa dooo dooo.
That is a custom made t-shirt by 'el MWAH! I thought it was pretty rad.
Lots of love,

I <3 Kay Ranft more than sliced bread. WAH BAM!
Ann Sissom is also one rad chika.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mouse in our cabin...

Slipin' Slide!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I just got back from SMBC 2009 and it was the greatest week of my life (so far). The Bible lessons were amazing, the view was as gorgeous as Nick Jonas (dead for real), my friends are hilariously the greatest, and the boys are amazing guys (always making me laugh).
Travis taught all the guys in the cabin the dance to Bye Bye Bye by N*SYNC, and they danced in the talent show. They were so incredibly rad, I can't even explain. Every single guy was in sync (tee hee) and on rhythm. They did SO awesome. We have recordings of it, and as soon as I find one I'll send you a link. You will want to see it!!!!
My absolute favorite part of the week, though the boys' performance was one of the greatest things ever done, was when we all went out to the field and sang praises to the Lord while we gazed up at the stars. It incredible to think the same God who made the millions of stars in the sky formed and shaped us as well. It's a beautiful thing. Very inspirational. At one point I began crying, and I couldn't sing. It was such a inspiring experience. I loved every single minute of it. I definitely grew in relationships with others as well as in faith (which is so important).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Okay, I'm trying to recall all that has happened since my last post. Lake Day, shopping yesterday. Alright, I will begin.
I went to the lake with my youth group Thursday. It was a great, great day. I attempted to ski....FAIL. Ultimate fail. Those things weighed more than I did. I jet skiied with LBK and Meg and Kelly, never forget Kelly! Got some pictures of the minister tubing. I also got some of her on the tube.
After Lake Day I went home, ate supper, then headed over to Poets (the coffee shop on the square) for Coffee Shop Bible Study, a new thing the youth group is doing. It was an amazing experience, and I can't wait for the next time we meet!
I went shopping with mom and Hula (julia). I got some shorts for camp. I really really really like them. I also got a shirt and a flow-y cardigan. Oh yeah, then we went to B and B and I got a tunic/robe thing for SEVEN DOLLARS! I know, it's insane!
Today is the last day before camp!!!!! I will savor my last shower here. Blah... but it'll be fun. There is lots of new stuff going on. It's going to be a rad, rad week; I just know it!
The one with Julia is supposed to be in that group picture. You can see some of her hair. I remember we had to do 5 billion takes. Either someone was left out of the picture, or Shelby Grace was being a hambone and making funny faces.

Bunches of love,

P.S Nick Jonas is a hardcore ping pong player.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've been busing doing what not lately, so I haven't really been able to update my blog. Sorry, I know you've been going through Sarah withdraws (let me note my sarcasm just incase you didn't catch it). I spent the night with Jordan last night. We had a blast at the new fire station (again sarcasm) and listening to new JB songs. By the way, their album came out yesterday so BUY IT because it's great just like they are. Tomorrow is Lake Day with the Youth Group. We're gonna have a rad time; I just know it! I should be getting to bed some because I have to get up early-ish tomorrow. Today I went to Poets with Jordan and Hannah. They worked on their online class while I read the book for Honors English. I felt so cool sitting up in the window, woah man! It was a great experience; you should try it. I must now go and charge my camera batteries for tomorrow. Also, I have to go to bed. I'm kind of sleepy because I could NOT get to sleep last night. It wasn't great at all. Then Jordan woke me up. She screamed or made a loud noise or something and it got my blood boiling. But that's okay, because I'm sure I make her blood boil constantly. I'm just that kind of person.
I will now pry my fingers from the keyboard. 'Tis time to get off!!!
Bunches of love,

Monday, June 15, 2009

Lines, Vines, and Trying Times is now out!!!!! I'm pretty excited. I've listened to clips of each song on all of 3. It's pretty rad so far, and it can only get more rad so look out! Check out some of the songs, even if you aren't a JB fan. You might be surprised. I suggest Turn Right.

Introducing: The youth interns for Jefferson Ave 2009, Kayla and Travis. We had these guys over for dinner, and it was a blast. Travis and Kayla are hilarious, and have a bunch of great stories to tell. They are good spiritual leaders, and are going to be a good influence on the kids. I love these guys!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today was a very relaxed day. It was storming intensely in the morning, so we brought the four kittens inside to make sure they were safe. I swaddled Carlisle up in a baby blanket. She was SO cute. I haven't uploaded the picture on my computer yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post it. We had a girl's night with the youth group. We went to El Tap and Abby Gaw was obsessed with the sombrero. She was afraid we were going to get the waiter to put it on her head. We almost did, but we had to leave :(
We also watched a movie, Hairspray. I enjoyed the movie a lot; it was cute. The music is fantastic!!
Let me explain my pictures:
Girl in converse reading: I think someone took my picture without me knowing it! That picture pretty much sums me up.
Studded sandals: I saw Abby Rhodes wear those shoes Wed. and I fell in love with them! Later on, I was searching around on polyvore, and I came across those exact shoes. INSANITY! Anyway, I really love those shoes, and I thought they were blog worthy
Sunglasses: Are those not the wickedest sunglasses you have ever seen... ever??!??! I love them with a great passion.
'Be Rad': Does this need explaining? I love the word rad. It's extremely... radtastic!
It's 11:36 here in my home, and we have to keep the greatest kids in the world tomorrow: Shelby and Elijah. Better rest up!
Bunches of love,

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

SIX FLAGS! Woah man! I had a blast Sunday and Monday when the youth group took their annual trip to Six Flags in Atlanta. I walked all over the park with Katelyn and Abby, and my feet were killing me. Abby and I rode roller coasters together. Katelyn rode her first roller coaster, The Goliath, and enjoyed it... I believe. We rode it for the second time and Katelyn bought the picture. I then took a picture of the picture.
Sunday night we stayed with a family from the church in Peachtree City. They were a great family, and they loved the Beatles. It was a great two days.
Bunches of love,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Bob Barker is my hero. I heart him!

Friday, June 5, 2009

JB will be on ESPN (or something) tonight. I'm excited for them, and hopefully it will be tivo-ed

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun at the 'Side today. Lovely times with family. Making moments worth remembering.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spent last night and today with J J Ho. She's my best friend, and I lover her! Pinesap died today. I cried because it was sad. Mom had to take her to the vet and they put her to sleep. It's sad to watch the little kittens flit around the back yard and know they don't have a mommy anymore. Every time you get your mind off of it, mom brings it up and makes you all sad. She's known to do that... a lot. It's okay though!

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