Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yesterday I got back from an amazing trip with my amazing youth group. We rented a cabin up on the mountain and went to a water park. Everyone had a blast, including the bear that made 3 guest appearances and got into our bear proof trash can.
Here's a funny story for you guys! Katelyn and I had gotten split up with LBK and Nicole, so we went back to the chairs since it was almost time to go anyway. We come back to find Matt, John Birdwell, and Travis all asleep on the chairs over their heads. Travis and John weren't deep in sleep; I think they were just laying there. Travis, though, was completely out. Matt kept messing with him, putting his finger in Travis's bellybutton, etc. He didn't wake up. Abby Rhodes had the idea of taking out her eyeliner and wrote 'I <3 Matt' on his chest. It was hilarious, but what made it even funnier was he didn't wake up. Later, when we had to leave Matt finally got him awake.
Anyway, I had a great, great time. I'm a air-hockey champion. 'Tis trueee
Going to watch HP5
Lots of love,

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