Wednesday, July 8, 2009

La la la.
Right now I'm watching Powerpuff Girls. Yea, only I can be this lame and this cool at the same time!
More work camp today. It was fun. Katelyn, Julia, and I completed our painting of the church. I also helped Travis cut out his t.v out of plywood, and I cut some tarp for kid's head to poke through. Of course, I cut out fish and loaves and whatnot! Blah.
I also went to church, saw my loved ones. YES! I created a new blog. You checking it out would be insanely rad! Woah.
Enough for today..... maybe
Lots of love,
Sarah Catherine.

I wore my new shirt tonight. It was nice.


  1. I liked your new shirt but didn't tell you.
    I like your pictures. I like random. Keep on blogging, chick pea!