Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yeah, so I know that Kay and mom have seen this a billion and one times, but if you think about it, could this picture ever get old? Let me answer that for you guys: NEGATIVE. Never never never shall it get old.
Today I went to see my cousin Peggy in the nursing home for her birthday with mom, Hula, and KAY RANFT! Right there! Anyway, afterward, we went to lunch at BK and met Neil there. Man, that Neil, he's a mole if I've ever seen one.
After lunch, Jill came over and we went to pretentious coffee. It was a nice little outing and the guy behind the counter was quite attractive (not the one in the hat incase you were wondering).
Tomorrow is the day: Lunch w/ granny and coffee shop bible study. YES.
Kelly and Kerry came down today and I thoroughly enjoyed their presence. Kerry and I have the same musical interests I belive.


  1. i really like these pictures of the pretentious coffee shop (sshh...had to do it) and i never get tired of seeing Obama throw like a girl! :D Love your blog! Love you!!

  2. More coffee shop pics! :-) It was a fun day, wasn't it?

  3. Cool postings! Yes, you and Kerry Berry need to get tagetha and talk musac more often... he's got crazy taste.... like you!!! Tee hee!!