Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy busy day. Late late at night. Work camp, lunch w/ family, workcamp, girl's night. We stayed late at the church so help with the TV made out of wood. You'll just have to see the skit. Oh yeah! I'm in that by the way. With lines. YES! I don't know how I'm going to be able to keep a straight face. The lines are so cheesy and I'm 84.9% sure Travis will make funny faces or something trying to make me laugh. He does a quick interview with me. It'll be great I just know it!
The Wizard of Oz came on today while we were at the side. I saw this pic and I said to myself, "I'll post that on my blog, INDEED!" Well, maybe not the INDEED part, but I thought it would fit in there nicely. I watched about half of the Phantom of the Opera. I wish I could have scene it all..
Much love,
Sarah Catherine

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