Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What in the universe is going on with you guys?
Random facts of today:
*I'm listening to "Liar" by Three Dog Night right now.
*It rained extra hard today and pretty much flooded the front yard.
*I got new shoes today, and they are pretty.
*I'm gonna work on my English 9 Honors homework before I go to bed tonight.
*Polaroid pictures are the raddest of the rad. Kind of like me... merely joking.
*The power went out for about a half an hour right as we were cooking supper.
*I wrote a bunch today, and now I need to type it up on the computer.
That's enough random facts.
Oh man guys, LBK is gone to Florida and I miss her like no one's business. I'm gonna stop soon, but before I do might I just say how much I'm looking forward to Thursday! Lunch with Granny AND coffee shop Bible study? Too good to be true.
Lots of love,
Sarah sarah sarah


  1. That is one fab picture of your flooded front yard! The road in front of your house looks like a river. Don't ya' hate when the power goes out at the most inopportune times? Looking forward to lunch with you guys tomorrow! I'm so going to miss you when you go back to school! Sniff! Love ya, mean it!

  2. Random fact: i heart my chick pea niece!

  3. While visiting your blog tonight, I heard the song "Little Bunny Foo" and was frightened! But then "Strawberry Swing" came on and I felt better. Sweet. :o)