Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm lame for uploading pictures that have nothing to do with my life, but I love these so much I'm doing it anyway. The one with the fireworks was taken by my friend Kacie in Hawaii.
My friend Mandy from polyvore inspired me (without even knowing it) to blog more. I was looking at some of her posts and I said to myself, "I need to start writing more." Yea, so here I am... writing!
Let's go over the past couple of days, shall we?
Saturday: Woah man! My favorite holiday EVER was Sat. July 4th of course. It was cloudy and not hot at all. Weird huh? It's Global Warming. I just know it :P It also rained quite a bit near the night. The cities fireworks were cut off early I think. That's okay, we had fireworks in Kay's backyard. Indeed! We did have some rain delays, though, which I spent with my lovely cousins and Julia. We cuddled... I <3 cuddling. Neil made TWO batched of ice cream this year. Really? Nothing is better than that!
Sunday: Church church church. Mr. Buddy had a delightful sermon. I took notes. Sunday night, Matt taught. He had just got back from Disney an hour ago. I think he was stressed. His lesson was good, though. I adore his child, Ethan. He's one year old and PRECIOUS! Mr. Leddy embarrassed Katelyn from the pulpit. It was funny, and hard to explain. I'll try, though. He said, "Please keep my daughter Katelyn in your prayers as she goes to [some college] for a singing camp." Katelyn doesn't like drawing attention to herself, so she was EXTREMELY embarrassed. I loved it. When the guy who said the prayer came up he said, "Please be with Katelyn as she furthers her singing career." So, after church was over, Travis came up and teased her in his gay voice (which is hilarious by the way). "Hey, Katelyn. Congratulations with your singing career." Travis picks on Katelyn a lot. Really, she sets herself up for it. Such an easy target!
Monday (today): I read THRITY whole pages in my book. I'm almost done!!! with the book at-least. I should finish it tomorrow or the next day. Dad took us in a ride in his rental car. He's going on a business trip during my b-day. Urggg...
All this week we are having VBS work camp, which I'm looking forward to. We have skits and crafts to prepare for! I'll make a video of everything and post it here (hopefully, I've been having trouble lately).

Reminisce to the 4th of July last year. Two, dead, mating squirrels got zapped on a power line. This is for you Ann. I will have some close ups for you later for that polyvore set....

It took me like an hour to upload the rest of these picture!


  1. I LUV these pictures! And I enjoy reading what you have to say, so keep it up! :D <3 U! (that's supposed to be a heart)

  2. Love the pics, Sarah! Especially the dead squirrels that got zapped on the power lines. Ha! Be looking for that Polyvore set ;-) Luvs you!!!!