Thursday, June 11, 2009

Today was a very relaxed day. It was storming intensely in the morning, so we brought the four kittens inside to make sure they were safe. I swaddled Carlisle up in a baby blanket. She was SO cute. I haven't uploaded the picture on my computer yet, but as soon as I do, I'll post it. We had a girl's night with the youth group. We went to El Tap and Abby Gaw was obsessed with the sombrero. She was afraid we were going to get the waiter to put it on her head. We almost did, but we had to leave :(
We also watched a movie, Hairspray. I enjoyed the movie a lot; it was cute. The music is fantastic!!
Let me explain my pictures:
Girl in converse reading: I think someone took my picture without me knowing it! That picture pretty much sums me up.
Studded sandals: I saw Abby Rhodes wear those shoes Wed. and I fell in love with them! Later on, I was searching around on polyvore, and I came across those exact shoes. INSANITY! Anyway, I really love those shoes, and I thought they were blog worthy
Sunglasses: Are those not the wickedest sunglasses you have ever seen... ever??!??! I love them with a great passion.
'Be Rad': Does this need explaining? I love the word rad. It's extremely... radtastic!
It's 11:36 here in my home, and we have to keep the greatest kids in the world tomorrow: Shelby and Elijah. Better rest up!
Bunches of love,

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