Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I've been busing doing what not lately, so I haven't really been able to update my blog. Sorry, I know you've been going through Sarah withdraws (let me note my sarcasm just incase you didn't catch it). I spent the night with Jordan last night. We had a blast at the new fire station (again sarcasm) and listening to new JB songs. By the way, their album came out yesterday so BUY IT because it's great just like they are. Tomorrow is Lake Day with the Youth Group. We're gonna have a rad time; I just know it! I should be getting to bed some because I have to get up early-ish tomorrow. Today I went to Poets with Jordan and Hannah. They worked on their online class while I read the book for Honors English. I felt so cool sitting up in the window, woah man! It was a great experience; you should try it. I must now go and charge my camera batteries for tomorrow. Also, I have to go to bed. I'm kind of sleepy because I could NOT get to sleep last night. It wasn't great at all. Then Jordan woke me up. She screamed or made a loud noise or something and it got my blood boiling. But that's okay, because I'm sure I make her blood boil constantly. I'm just that kind of person.
I will now pry my fingers from the keyboard. 'Tis time to get off!!!
Bunches of love,


  1. hi there. the jonas brothers new album title reminds me of a title of an album from waaaay back in the 60's by a group called the fifth dimension. the album was called love's lines angles and rhymes. it just made me remember that. Iknow. whatever. :D (hugs)

  2. It's hard to pry Sarah's fingers from the keyboard! She'll probably have withdraw symptoms while at camp! Love ya, Sarah