Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture #5: Jonas Brothers kicked off their world tour yesterday in Lima, Peru. They're coming to Nashville August 25 (that's a Tuesday. Really guys? Really?). I'm so excited that I finally get to see them in concert! Anyway, congratulation on the start of your world tour! (that was a little note to the boys ya know, because they're reading this.)
Picture # 4: Demi Lovato kicks off her tour in Lima, Peru as well. This is her first headlining tour. David Archuleta will be touring with her as well.
Picture #3: Kris Allen (OW OW!). Tonight is the American Idol finale!! I'm so dadgum excited. Vote Kris Allen because he's amazing and Adam isn't!!
Picture #2: Robert Pattinson. His 23rd birthday was recent. It's official; he's now 10 years older than 90% of his fan base. I also put this picture up because the New Moon poster is out. I hope the movie is going to be spectacular. If not, the director will be getting a visit from a crazed fan girl with a pitch fork. Woah man, that was a little violent of me. My apologizes.
Picture #1: If you are not familiar with the people in this photo, they are Coldplay. These guys are super amazing, and will be visiting Nashville for a concert. Wicked, right?! They music is radtastic. If you haven't heard them, go look 'em up!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KAY AND NEIL RANFT. I enjoy you guys' presence.


  1. Coldplay does rock!!! ...so does RP!!! teehee

  2. that's a lot of information. isn't Gwyneth Paltrow married to a Coldplay guy? I wouldn't know their song if it bit me on the ear. The RPattz pic is just super. Glad your guy won on Idol. Made it all worth while, didn't it. Chow, baby!