Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hey friends. Very sorry I haven't been on in FOREVER. Let me tell you what's goin' on. I did get the Little Mermaid solo Part of Your World, and I'm extremely happy about that. I'm working on the costume now. Pretty material and sparkly sequin waist. All those in my family must attend. Avery Trace auditorium May 11, 7:00. Admission is free. The only ones that have an excuse would be Kelly and Ann because of their location, but Ann's excuse is only a kind of. Just kidding guys. None of you HAVE to come, but I would really really really enjoy it thoroughly if you did!
I went on a retreat this weekend with my youth group. It was extremely fantastic. The games were wickedly radtastic and the lessons were inspiring. I have bunch of stories to tell on Sunday morning!
Koreshmellow roast needs to be held this Friday if weather permits!!!! Let's start thinkin' bout it!
American Idol comes on tonight! Go Kris.
Bunches of love,
P.S Look up the song Falling Slowly (it's amazing!!!!!!!!)


  1. Oh and BTW, I really want that bag up there, but they're sold out. You fill in the blank yourself with a sharpie or whatever!!

  2. Congrats on a great job on your solo! Kerry and I have been so obsessed with "Bubble Spinner" that I haven't kept up with everyone's blogs so I didn't know that it was Monday night... I have no excuse not to have been there... well, maybe a little one but I wish I coulda. Anyway- GREAT JOB! I voted for Chris on three phones at the same time! If he gets through it's cause I voted a billion times!!! Hope you did too!!! No Gokey! BOO! (5-12-09)