Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"I'm Stuck on You Like Glue Somehow"

Before I tell my story let me give you the background of my friend Emily. She was new to CHS a couple of weeks ago, so I asked her to eat lunch with my friends and me. She's a nice girl; we have a couple of things in common. Emily doesn't talk much, though.

So I walk up to our lunch spot and Emily is sitting there. I say a couple things to her and whatnot. A couple of minutes later she picks up this beanie baby squirrel and sets it on my lap.

I look at her then the squirrel awkwardly. Then, the beanie baby tips over.

Emily: "Ooops. The squirrel fell."

Me: (picking up the beanie baby and handing it to her) "Wow, that's a really great squirrel."

How in the world do I respond to such actions? Emily seemed like a nice, fairly normal (what's the real definition of normal anyway?) girl. I guess we reached a certain level of friendship that she thought it was the time to break out the squirrel... who knows.

That was probably the most awkward moment I've experienced in a long, long while. I did all I could not to break down right there. She probably would have been offended by my laughter.


  1. A squirrel in your lap can be a real ice breaker when you're trying to get to know someone new ... I'm just saying ... I'm just kidding ... She sounds kinda quirky. To say the least.

  2. Don't tell her about your blog, she'll freak when she sees you've written about her SQUIRREL! Hi there! She sounds a bit shy and sweet. :o) Poor thing!

  3. Remind me to never make that face again.