Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hello my loverlies, my sunflowers, and my random stalkers! I'll give a brief run through of my day, and then I'll explain the pictures.
Today does not feel like a Tuesday. I'm all shook up because dad stayed home yesterday and today we had lunch with granny, so I have no clue what today is. Lunch with granny was rad, as usual. One minute we were discussing politics, car accidents, and then spongebob. You never know where the conversation is gonna go with these people! Next we came home and watched those ferocious clouds swirl around. Then, I went to a theatre venture crew meeting. We're going to host a dinner theatre sometime in early September to raise money so we can go to some plays and whatnot. It should be a fun learning process. I hope my family will come because I'll be singing a solo and possibly a duet(??). My solo song will be "Part of Your World" and I promise not to screw it up this time.

Picture #1: Shelby Grace, Julia, and I took pictures by the willow in our front yard on Sunday. Shelby came over and we had a blast as usual. I love that girl so much.
Picture #2: This came with the Patriot Post today and I found it hilarious.
Picture #3: I just love that guy right there. His name is Garbo and he is extra rad. Also, do you not find him exceptionally attractive? Man, I do!
Picture #4: GO ROAD DOGS!!!!
Picture #5: "Happy birthday Mr. President. Christmas came early this year." Amazing quote by the amazing Big Ken Zombie.

the end.


  1. I had a blast today discussing politics, Spongebob and what not! I'm loving these pictures, especially the first one! Awesome pic of my girls :-) Major applause for the BKZ quote! My bro rocks!

  2. The picture of you three girls is so funny! Cute! On the other hand, Joker-Obama FREAKS ME OUT!!!!!! BUT I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. Your pics are so random. I love that. I love that the three of you (top pic) are all wearing blue. I shall miss your company at the 'side when school starts. We'll get together again in October...Love ya, chick pea! Keep up the great blog!