Monday, March 30, 2009

(these are some pictures that a created)
∫WARNING: COMMENTS ABOUT MY BORING LIFE! I started reading Breaking Dawn for the second time a couple of days ago. Just got done with the honeymoon (sorry if I ruined anything for anyone). I probably should finish writing chp. 27 of my fanfic. I don't want to keep my readers waiting!! Ha! So... Mr. Summers (my algebra 1 teacher) didn't give us any homework today; it is a BIG deal because he gives homework everyday. He had a sub for the week before spring break and he told his classes, "Behave, and you will be greatly rewarded. If you don't..." Well my class was rewarded with no homework and two free one hundreds. His first period class however... let's just say we heard yelling from across the hall for a good 15 minutes. We had to shut the door. Quite a funny situation, considering he wasn't yelling at me! Well, I'm done for the night!
Bunches of love,


  1. I like these!! (And just for the record, your life is not boring.) Your algebra teacher's statement is profound: Behave and you will be greatly rewarded. That is the ultimate Truth, isn't it? I like your blog!

  2. You are an inspiration. Sometimes I'm afraid to be me but you're never afraid to be yourself. I love that about ya! Keep being you and NEVER let anybody or anything get in the way of that!!! You ROCK!